Tickets for this years RedSnakePhilly will open up next week! Space is limited at this years meeting. We want to make sure that all the Philly.rb and PhillyPUG regulars have a chance to attend. We also want to keep no-shows to a minimum for this free event.

To do this we’re giving out real physical numbered tickets. To get your ticket, come to the Philly.rb or PhillyPUG meeting next week. Tom and I will be there handing out tickets and taking names. You have to be there to get a ticket, one per person. If we have tickets left after the meeting, we’ll offer those online.

This ticket guarantess you get in to the event, but please arrive at the 6pm doors open. Because at 6:15pm we’ll open the doors to anyone who shows up first-come-first-serve, with some preference shown to regular attendees of their respective user groups. So the moral is if you want to make sure you’re at this year’s most hard-hitting tech event, come to your user group meeting and be on time! A good new year’s resolution in general, I think.

PS., We still have a few more days to finalize the speaker lineup. If you’re interested in speaking please let us know!